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Upload and Attach base64 Representation of a File to Work Object

We have a requirement to upload and attach the base64 representation of an excel file to a work object. When trying to use the Attach Content control (pxAttachContent) we have run into some issues and have some questions.

When using Attach Content control, it pops up with the options to drag and drop files and a button to select file(s).

Dragging and dropping the excel file seems to work for the most part but we have noticed the following behavior:

  • If attaching just one file, then it works as expected and the pyAttachmentPage on the clipboard populates correctly.
  • If trying to upload more than one file, only one of the files show up on pyAttachmentPage.
    • We only want one uploaded at a time, so is there any way to limit the number of files attached to be just one?
  • If we try to use the control again after a file has already been attached, it just spins/freezes after dragging and dropping the file into the control. We must close the work object and re-enter to get it to work again.
    • Is this a known issue? Is there any way around this so that if another file is attached it either overwrites the old attached file or attaches it and keeps both files?

The button to Select file(s) just seems pretty broken altogether.

  • The button image shows up in one spot, but we have to click below the button to get the action to register and for the file explorer to pop up for us to select a file.
  • After selecting a file it just breaks inside the control (see attachment).

So, is the pxAttachContent control the best option for this requirement? Is there a better OOTB control that would meet this requirement (such as FilePath or other similar controls)? Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve the issues currently seen in the control?

Note that we are looking for a solution that doesn't put us at risk of having users overwriting each other's file in the service export folder if there's a case where different people upload files with the same name around the same time/before it can get attached to the work object.

Any ideas or help is appreciated. Thanks!

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