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Posted: April 30, 2020
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Upper case and Lower case issue with PostgreSQL database


In PostgreSQL, database objects name (column name, table name, etc) are handled in lower case. This is by their design, and it's not up to Pega. Let's say, we create a class and properties with letters that starts with upper case (This is a Java/Pega standard practice) as below.

Class & Properties with Upper Case and Lower Case

Pega Platform automatically creates a table and columns as below - all with lower case letters.

PostgreSQL Table and Column with all lower case

This may sometimes cause an issue. For example, if you use Obj-Browse method in an activity to retrieve data from this table, it loads them all with lower case letters - hence you won't be able to reference the data by Property name.

data loaded with lower cases

In order to avoid this issue, you'll need to map them in the class form as below.

External Mapping

This issue has been a while but is there any enhancement yet? It doesn't happen in Oracle.


FYI, below link talks about the same issue but there is not applicable solution provided.





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