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Piyush Kumar (Piyush)
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Posted: October 18, 2020
Last activity: October 18, 2020

URGENT : Null values in Production Work Table

We have around 40 servers in production, where 1 is the main "Master Server" with which the data replication happens for all other servers. Let's say I created a case in Server1, then it is replicated to the master server (All the relevant tables, work, link-attachment, worklist, workbasket etc are replicated).

If  a case is created on the "Master Server", the user selects the from the list where is intends to push the case using the replication. For replication we are using properties like pxcreatesystemid, pxupdatesystemid, pxcreatedatetime and pxupdatedatetime.

However we are facing some serious issues as in the "Master Server" some records have been added which simply do not have any data. pyID and pzInskey are like 1-2,1-2,1-2b and rest all the columns including pxobjclass have NULL value.

We are unable to debug as what could have caused such a value to be inserted in the table. This has caused a failure of the replication with other servers.

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