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Usage of D_CPMPortalRecents and D_CSRecents Data Pages in Pega Customer Service (8.1)

Hello everybody!

While we are having a conversation on a related topic on this thread, I found this Pega article:

I'm using Pega 8.1 with the Customer Service framework, and I see that the D_CPMPortalRecents data page, which I understand is meant to contain the cases opened as tabs in the portal, is always empty. But, the Data Page D_CSRecents Data Page actually contains items.

As can be seen in the screenshot, I have one tab opened in the Interaction Portal. This adds an item inside D_CSRecents, but not D_CPMPortalRecents. I have the two following questions:

  • Is D_CPMPortalRecents not in use anymore since Pega 8.1?
  • What is the usage of D_CSRecents?

Thanks in advance and have an awesome day!

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