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Posted: June 6, 2020
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Usage of Obj-Save shows Severe guardrail warning in Pega 8.x

Hi Guys,


Using Obj-Save method in Pega 8.x shows a severe warning while saving an activity.


It shows: 

Using Obj-Save skips common processing such as validation, history creation, and setting last update data. For updating data instances, use a savable Data Page. For updating cases use normal flow processing. For advanced usages, such as updating cases or data during agent processing, use activity APIs such as Save or UpdateWorkObject.


And help topic on the method says if there is no way other than to use Obj-Save then,


You must update the following properties manually if you use the Obj-Save method:

pxUpdateDateTime pxUpdateOperator pxUpdateOpName pxUpdateSystemID pxUpdateOrgUnit (only in the Work- class) pxUpdateCounter (only in the Work- class) If you use the Obj-Save method, you can use apply the pxDefaultUpdateProperties data transform to update the pxUpdateDateTime, pxUpdateOperator, pxUpdateOpName, and pxUpdateSystemID properties.


My question is its true we can use savable data pages for updating instances, but i am not sure how to save a new instance of a data class?

And flow processing might save any nested pages( Page type properties) during case processing, but how to persist new data in a top level page?

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