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Posted: December 9, 2019
Last activity: December 9, 2019

Use pyDecimalPrecision on String properties


I created a post (referenced below) to understand behavior of String properties when values are set from a Double property

Following up on this -

I've been looking at options to remove the decimal point added to the string value even though the original double value doesn't have any decimal point and one of the options I thought I could use was to set the pyDecimalPrecision property qualifier on the String property and set precision to 0.

While I understand that it makes sense to use this qualifier against properties of decimal type only, the usage on that qualifier rule indicates that it can be used for STRING/DECIMAL types but it doesn't work on STRING types i.e can't add this qualifier and set precision to 0 as system throws error that the qualifier cannot be used for string properties.

Can someone please confirm that the qualifier shouldn't work for STRING types or if this is a product bug and the qualifier rule usage is correct?

Usage on the rule for quick reference:

Add this qualifer to a STRING/DECIMAL property to provide a specific number of dicimal digits of precision at which its value should be clamped. This qualifier is ignored on any other type property.

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