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User Friendliness


I am a IT guy and I am still very new to Pega Marketing. However, I have much experience in the Chordiant Marketing Director (partial predecessor of Pega Marketing?)

During the course of my first campaign building using Pega Marketing, I find that it is not as user friendly as Chordiant Marketing Director.

1) In Chordiant, you can simply dragged and drop the column into segment (or audience in Pega). However, in Pega, you will need to remember which class, which field to include, by typing. If you do not know the structure, then you can stare blank at the screen, which I have experienced.

2) In Chordiant, after you have created the segment, you can immediately verify the outcome, as the fields to be displayed can be customised easily. However, in Pega, you have a standard report, that display hundred of unnecessary fields. If you want to display only the fields, then you will need to create a report template for it. i.e. if you have 10 campaigns that required different fields, you will need to create 10 different template for the user to use.

3) In Chordiant, we are able to directly upload the HTML file for email, and Chordiant is able to identify if there is any placeholder values to be included. However, in Pega, you will need to copy and paste the whole HTML code, and it will requires the user to put in the placeholder manually.

These are the user friendliness aspect of Pega Marketing, and I am not commenting on the technical setup of the system (there are another list of feedback for the Pega system).

My questions are
1) How can we enable the user to drag and drop the require fields in building of audience in Pega?
2) How can we allow the user to select the fields to be displayed in the audience verification, instead of having have to build new report template for each audience base?
3) How can we enable the uploading of HTML file and Pega can automatically pick up and prompt user of the placeholder required?

We hope to allow the marketing user to build their campaigns instead of relying on us.

Frankly, to quite a certain extend, I am quite disappointed with Pega Marketing, especially when compared with Chordiant Marketing Director in terms of user friendliness and functionality. Yes, Chordiant Marketing Director is an old software, since 2000. BUT, I can strongly say that it can beat Pega Marketing easily in the above aspect.

Please suggest the above so that we can have more trust and hope in Pega Marketing, otherwise, our marketing user will have more resistance to use this software.

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