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Posted: June 30, 2016
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User Time-Out issue (Error: May not change username during timeout re-validation)

Hi All,

I have logged into my application and kept it idle for 40mins. After a timeout period, If I try to use application its returning to login screen for entering their credentials (username and password), If I enter my UserName in small case its allowing into application but If I use Capital case (As I entered first login)  Its not allowing me into application.

Intial Login Details

Username: PC11  [Capital letters]

Password : Push1891!

After Timeout Issue Login Details which is not allowing me into Application

Username : PC11 [Capital letters]

Password: Push1891!

Error: May not change username during timeout re-validation

But if I enter below details its allowing me into application.

Username: pc11  [Small letters]

Password : Push1891!

Application Details

Using Pega 7.1.8 (CPM FW on this)


Sateesh Yennam

Pega Customer Service Security System Administration
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