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Sai Prakash Gundu (SaiPrakashG)

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Posted: 1 week 3 days ago
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Users acquiring lock on FW-Work class instance

We are facing an issue in production where oftentimes users are acquiring lock on ORG-FW-AppFW-Work class instance (we do have a blank instance in this class with pzInskey = "NBFC-FW-UWWBFW-Work"). Due to this other users were unable to create any new case until the lock on this instance is released from system locks.

We do verified the logs at the time of instance is locked and below is the exception reported every time. There were few HFixes suggested in pega community to resolve the below timeout exception. However firstly I'm not sure whether this exception can result in acquiring the lock on FW class instance. Please share your thoughts.

[jsse-nio-443-exec-25] [  STANDARD] ( rd.queryexec.SqlQueryExecutor) An error occured on executing the query for the report definition - There was a problem getting a list: code: 0 SQLState: HY008 Message: The query has timed out. DatabaseException caused by prior exception: The query has timed out.  | SQL Code: 0 | SQL State: HY008

User lock on FW class

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