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Alan King (KINGA)
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Posted: October 28, 2016
Last activity: October 31, 2016

Using AppDynamics to monitor business transactions in a Pega Application


Does anyone have any experience of using AppDynamics to monitor business transactions in a Pega Application?

We have successfully configured AppDynamics to trace a http request, but at its simpliest level it appears to need a unique string to identify the http request as the start of a specific business transaction.

For example we are using CPM-C 7.13 on a Pega Platform 7.1.8 installation and our Phone number search http request string generates a specific string 'ValidateSearchInput' that we can use, but it is not as easy for wrap up for example.

"POST*/!TABTHREAD1?pyActivity=ReloadHarness&pzFromFrame=pyWorkPage&pzPrimaryPageName=pyWorkPage&pzTransactionId=9b52eb93fd298249a9ed7a8ba64b24f6&pzHarnessID=HID13A779C348651BBA232F0432921AC977&PreActivity=ValidateSearchInput&ActDTPage=pyWorkPage&HarnessMode=ACTION HTTP/1.1"

Does anybody have experience of this combination of technologies that can help?

Other approaches we are considering include:

  • Class based monitoring (though we are not sure how this will work to monitor a business transaction in AppDynamics)
  • Wrapping the html request with another Class (upgrade etc might be an issue)
  • Logging directly to a database using asynchronous requestors (but then we have to build the reports, dashboard, alerts etc)

Ideally we would be able to:

  • Add a unique string to identify the start and end of a transaction
  • Add the unique string to a business flow or an activity

Regards Alan

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