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Posted: March 28, 2021
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Posted: 28 Mar 2021 20:23 EDT
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Using branch based development for Application which has Production Ruleset

We are using Production Ruleset for Business Rules Delegation. So we have added the production ruleset to both the application (in the advanced section) and the access group of the users.

This all works fine, but what we noticed is that when prod rulesets are added then the branch development preference feature in pega stops working. There's a warning that "Branch preferences are not supported when your application stack contains unlocked rulesets"

I understand why this is coming it's because the production ruleset has a unlocked version, but given that production rulesets are intended to always have a unlocked version shouldn't the branch preference feature exclude production ruleset when doing the check for unlocked versions? 

Would really like to understand if anyone has found a work-around for this issue. 



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