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Using PEGA as OAuth 2.0 Provider: Pega for tomcat Federated Application

My pega application acts as main service to authenticate users and acts as the main Identity manager source for customer profiles . We need to integrate SSO with another app that in a different tomcat but and uses standad tomcat auth . We want to use Pega as an openauth provider and configure tomcat security to use as a trusted source of identities ( like google auth or other services suported in tomcat ) .

is it possible ? Is there any step by step guide ?

At this moment we have configured Aoth 2.0 provider in pega but ​we need to supply the "openid configuration url / file" to the plugin ( like pega does when it tries to access an external oauth service). Does anybody know where to get that configuration ? The plugin ( tomcat-oidcauth-master ) tries to find it at https://XXXXXXX/prweb/PRRestService/oauth2/v1/token/.well-known/openid-…

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