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Pranav Sikka (PranavS6)
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Accenture Federal Services
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Accenture Federal Services
Posted: June 3, 2019
Last activity: August 28, 2020

Using the pyDesktopNotificationGadget for real time notifications

I am trying to utilize the out-of-the-box pyDesktopNotificationGadget to display real time notifications to users. Use case is that when an admin creates an alert, all recipients should be notified when they log in the next time or in the middle of their session if they are already in the system.

I have used the pxNotify activity to create a notification and assign the respective recipients and that is all working as expected, I can verify in the database. The issue I am running into is the notification icon (the bell with number of unread notifications in red box) does not automatically refresh to pull the new notifications. The portal needs to be refreshed manually and then and only then does the icon refresh/update and shows the correct unread count.

From what I expected this notification icon is expected to refresh in real time and no manual refresh should be needed. Is there anything specific I need to configure to achieve this desired result?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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