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Validation on Save in Case Worker but not Case Manager

When in the Case Worker portal, clicking the Save button causes validation of required fields and prevents the entered property values from being saved. When in the Case Manager portal, clicking the Save button (for the same case and same flow action) does not cause validation of required fields and allows entered property values to be saved.

Why is there a difference in behavior between these 2 portals? How do we allow users of the Case Worker portal to save their input without required field validation? We would like this behavior to be consistent between the 2 portals and we only need the validation to fire on Submit.

Also, when clicking save in Case Worker when there are required fields that have not been filled in, after getting the "Please correct flagged fields before submitting the form!" alert message, we get the wait indicator (blinking blue dots in square pattern) and it never goes away. This prevents the user from providing the required field inputs. The only way to move past this is to start over with a browser refresh.

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