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Posted: January 7, 2020
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Value getting entered into the search box but it’s not getting recognized

The photo below is the part of my workflow I am having trouble with. So, basically, I am trying to search for a query named “PS_PCAM_DETAILS” in the system.

I was able to enter the text (query name) into the system using Pega. The search button works as well. BUT the problem is, once the search button gets clicked, ALL the queries in the system will pop up (instead of that specific query I asked for in the text box), which means, the system is actually not recognizing the text I entered into the search box. Because if the text got recognized, only one query will show up.

Other similar posts say RaiseEvent should be helpful in this case. But I am not exactly sure where I should put it (before or after the PerformClick). I tried onblur and onkeypress, neither of them worked.

Any help would be appreciated!

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