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Verification scripts for ML8 installation for pega 7 and Errors related

We are installing Pega 718 MLU on top of pega717 application. While the CLI-Update log show BUILD SUCCESSFUL and we are able to login to pega 718 successfully post install we are seeing bunch of ERRORS in installation log file.

We cannot ignore these errors in logs and proceed to update all environments., So here are few questions

  • Are there any verification scripts to ensure ML8 ( for that matter any ML) is successfully installed?

Next below is the list of errors we are seeing on our "successful" install CLI-Update-Log files

  • LibraryFunction Compiling Errors :

    • [java] 2015-10-27 11:37:49,990 [ stage2cps091] [ STANDARD] [ ] (ary.LibraryFunctionUtilityImpl) ERROR - Error compiling: com/pegarules/generated/pega_procom_archivepurge; see class's compile log file.
    • [java] 2015-10-27 11:38:00,967 [ stage2cps091] [ STANDARD] [ ] (ary.LibraryFunctionUtilityImpl) ERROR - Error compiling: com/pegarules/generated/pega_decisionengine_ddfutils; see class's compile log file.
  • Declartive Network related Errors

[java] 2015-10-27 11:40:55,447 [ stage2cps091] [ STANDARD] [ ] (clare.DeclareChangesHelperImpl) ERROR - Caught exception during System-Declare-Changes maintenance. Declarative networks may be incomplete; please verify and resave rule: RULE-OBJ-MAPVALUE DATA-APPLICATION-GENERATION PZDOESCLASSREQUIREBASICSAVE #20150416T160755.900 GMT

[java] Database-General Bad applies to class in instance {page "<unnamed>" of class "Rule-Obj-MapValue", 6/108 props expanded

[java] expanded properties:

Any suggestions on verification or these errors regarding 718 MLU installation is appreciated!

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