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View artifacts in Pega SOR after publishing a branch

Hi There,

I am trying to do a PoC on my personal machine using a VM (that comes with the CLSA course material) with Pega 7.3.1. I want to be able to view the artifacts on the Pega SOR after publishing a branch, even before a merge operation involving an automation server.


1. I have enabled the Pega repository type.
2. I have created a Pega repository and the test connectivity shows success.
3. I have created some test rules in a test ruleset and branch in a test application.
4. I have created a development application that can be used as SOR development app.
5. When I right click on the branch on the test app and publish, it shows success with message "Branch was successfully published. CICD is not configured on the selected repository."
6. Now, I would like to see the evidence that branch was pushed to the repository successfully, perhaps a jar file or something similar. How do I view the evidence?
7. Once #6 is complete, I will continue the PoC with an automation server.

QUESTION: How do I view the evidence from #6 above?


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