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Posted: December 16, 2020
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Posted: 16 Dec 2020 22:47 EST
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View PDF Document in Section on click of a link(External Third Party URL)

Hi All,

Need to Showcase the PDF Attachment in a section on click of a Link(External Third Party URL)

As Is process : - On click of the Link below steps will be executed 1) Form the URL to view the Document(PDF) in External DocViewer

2) Open URL in Window (Passing Above URL) - Documents are opening in new window as expected 

To be process : - On Click of the Link(DocName1, DocName2, etc in the Document Column of attachment) PDF Document to be opened in the section (In the Portion of PDF Document - as per the attachment) Consider the attachment as complete screen view Note: The documents are not stored anywhere in the case attachments  

Please provide your suggestions to achieve the above scenario

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