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Virtual Data Table after Interaction starts

Hi Team,

I was going through this point

"Once the interaction starts, a virtual data table creates a structure column to represent each context value. Every interaction started receives a new row in the data table. The data table also has an interaction key column. When an automation closes an interaction in the framework, the framework deletes the data row and values of the interaction."

For example my Context Values in Interaction XML are as below

<Value Name="ClientFullName" Type="String" Default="" />
<Value Name="Penalties" Type="Number" Format="C" Default="0"/>

After interaction starts how will the datatable look like. Please help me understand.

i think all the context variables should be available for us after interaction starts so that we can assign values to those that are needed and share them across. how come "Every interaction started receives a new row in the data table." makes sense.

Kindly help.

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