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Sopra Steria AG
Posted: 6 days 22 hours ago
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Visibility and utilization of Rules saved in a Production RuleSet

Dear all,

we just upgraded an environment from Pega 7.2.1 to Pega 8.5.2 and we recognized that the new version's App- and Record Explorers do not show rules saved in the Production RuleSet.

We searched the community and found various articles including these ones...

The first article mentioned refers to KB 25289 - How to configure production RuleSets and WorkPools which is unfortunately not accessible ("You are not authorised to access this page") - not only for me but also for other people.

The second article mentions that Rules saved in the Production RuleSet will no more be shown in App- / Records Explorers. 

We made some tests using different configurations and observed following behaviours:

Configuration / Behaviour


This leads to the following questions:

  1. Why are Production Rules hidden from App- and Records Explorer? We rate this feature as very helpful and therefore want to reactivate it. Is there any way to make the rules visible again?
  2. How to properly configure Production RuleSets: App and AccessGroup? => How to acceess mentioned KB article?
  3. What is the intention to change this feature? Is the usage of Production RuleSets still recommended or does Pega evolve another way?


Your feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks and regards


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