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Kensho Tsuchihashi (KenshoTsuchihashi)
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Posted: October 24, 2017
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'Void OpenSpan.Automation.ParameterPrototype.set_ParamName(System.String)' error


This is about Pega Robotics v8 installation. I get this error (in title) when I try to load a complied Robotics program file ("Sample.OpenSpan"). This file is not corrupted but it was working fine. My environment became unstable at some point. Here is the step:

1. I installed only Runtime in my local machine. After setup, I loaded above file and RDA and RPA worked without any problem.
2. Then I also wanted to see the Robotics code, so I installed Studio (the same version) in the same machine.

That's it. RDA stopped working. I thought this is coming from conflict between Runtime and Studio, so I gave a try and error to modify RuntimeConfig.xml and StudioConfig.xml under %appdata%\OpenSpan directory but no luck (I believe settings are fine). I uninstalled both Runtime and Studio, deleted all OpenSpan directories that got installed, and now re-installed only Runtime. Now I am trying to load this file but I get this error.

Question 1. Is it wrong thing to do to install Runtime and Studio module in one machine (I mean, should I use OpenSpan.Runtime.exe which comes with Studio installation) for testing RDA & RPA?
Question 2. How can I resolve this error?


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