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Posted: June 16, 2018
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want to save screen/form data to clipboard without moving to other screen in screen flow

i have a requirement to save the work item information on click of Tab close(X) icon. We are using CPMHC 7.3.1 frame work. WorkItem/Case is a screen flow(7 screens) and we are displaying it in the form of TreeNavigation

Requirement:Save the case information on click of tab close(X)

Problem:Lets say i updated some fields in screen1 and moved to screen2 in this case screen1 updated values are set to cipboard as i moved to screen2. Now i will update some fields in screen2 and directly go and click the close(x) icon to close the case but in this case screen2 details are not updated to clipboard as i have not tabbed out from screen2

So i am not able to save the current screen details on click of x icon.

please suggest how to save the current screen details without having explicit save button on each screen.

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