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Posted: February 21, 2017
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Web Adapter Crashing on 2nd Use


I have an automation that is crashing on the second use every time. I can debug once, perfectly fine. If I stop debug and press debug again, the build starts and succeeds, but the webpage never loads and Openspan Studio crashes and must be closed with task manager. Runtime also crashes and will not close, even via task manager. If I restart Openspan, the studio loads fine, but if I attempt to debug again, I get errors, likely due to Runtime still being stuck. The only remedy I have found so far is to restart my computer.

From my testing, it seems that the issue only occurs after the 'Start WebAdapter' automation, so I can only assume it's something to do with attempting to interact with the form. However, when the system crashes, it has not even loaded up the form yet, the whole adapter just fails to start and Runtime crashes.

Has anyone has come across this issue before? I would be very grateful for any help that can be provided.

The webpage I am automating is Microsoft Sharepoint 2007. I am running Windows XP, Visual Studio 2010 with Openspan Studio Plugin, and Internet Explorer 8.

Below are my automations and the properties of my Web Adapter.

Automation1 (created for the purpose of testing):

Start WebAdapter automation:

Web Adapter properties:



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