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Kev Morgan (KevQBE)
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Posted: July 29, 2020
Last activity: August 24, 2020

Web Adapter Rematching

We are using Pega Robotics Studio & Runtime 19.1 and are attempting to amend our existing automations for a web application that's being updated to new version. This new version essentially changes the user experience to a single-page web application but, other than that, all of its controls and processes are the same. So, we believed our task should have just been a quick and easy update to the match rules for each WebPage we'd interrogated previously.

Although we were able to update the matching, Studio & Runtime no longer perform a rematch at the WebPage level whenever there's a navigation/page change. The child controls do rematch, but the WebPages themselves do not. As such, the Studio & Runtime believe they are still on the previous WebPage unless we use a 'RematchChildren' method at the Adapter level above.

It has meant that we're unable to use 'WaitForCreate' or 'WaitAny' methods. We have been able to create a workaround to do the same job but, as a result, the automations are slow and less reliable.

We have tried disabling the 'EnableMatchInProcess' property but this didn't resolve the problem. We have also reviewed the below article from the knowledge base, however this solution would require us to completely re-interrogate the web application and rebuild all of our automations from scratch.

Given that Studio & Runtime are recognising events firing on the WebPages and then performing the rematch process for their child controls, we figure there must be a way to force this to happen for the parent WebPage too. In the properties of the Adapter, we have noted the 'IeRematchEvents' property ("...a comma separated list of events that notify a WebPage to rematch..."), which sounds like it may be a possible option, but we could not find any documentation on how to configure this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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