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Posted: November 21, 2020
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Posted: 21 Nov 2020 8:10 EST
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Webchat -default text analyzer with pyNER text extraction model unable to detect indian names given in English as Person entity

I am using  default pyNER text extraction model in Webchat default text analyzer for detecting name as Person.

By default Language setting,It doesn't detect  Indian names given in English as Person entity.US names seems working fine.

1.Text analyzer -Language detection setting is Automatically detect language


a) Niranjan (Language -Croatian ,no entity detected)

b)Niranjan kumar (Language -English ,Person-kumar)

c)Rekha (Language-Swedish,no entity detected)

d)Rekha kumari (Language-Turkish,no entity detected)

e)Mike (Language-english ,Person-Mike ) -works fine

f)Mike Smith (Language-english ,Person-Mike Smith) -works fine

g)Mike smith (Language-english ,Person-smith) 

h) James (Language-english ,Person-James) -works fine

i)mike (Language-english ,Person-mike) -works fine

2.Text analyzer -Language setting-Specify Language -English - It works expect for scenario b and g

Is it expected behavior as I don't want  Webchat channel text analyzer to be constrained by Language setting.

There is setting "Language detected by publisher" that too works like default setting "Automatically detect language"



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