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Posted: June 17, 2021
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Posted: 17 Jun 2021 11:05 EDT
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Website Requires Send Key Action to enable File Upload window

We are conducting a proof of concept for automating a website. On this website, the user clicks a button that opens a file browser dialog for user to select a file to upload. Using Pega Robotics Studio 19.1.71, we tried automating the website using Universal Web Adapter in Chrome and Edge. However, the automation is not able to trigger the file browser dialog to open using perform click and onchange raise event, only with a sendkey method. Is there another way to trigger the filebrowser without using send keys? The machine where robot will run will be locked, so the sendkey method will not work. Attached is the screenshot for the File Upload website, and the events triggered when using perform click and onchange raise event.

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