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What is the best practice for monitoring Pega Agents?

On March 11th, we received a PEGA0010 alert in the logs, and subsequently a PDC PEGA0010 alert for "ProcessFlowDependencies". We also received several dozen other PEGA0010 alerts on the same day. How do you recommend we fix these types of issues? 

I have heard that the platform tries to restart the agents when they go down but this does not seem to be completely failproof.  We have tried using PDC for agent monitoring but with PEGA0010 it is not always reliable since many of the numerous alerts are false positives. We have tried extracting agent status through a REST service which works to some degree.  However, this approach is cumbersome to maintain since you need to track the agent list outside of the app.


Do you have any suggestions to alleviate this problem?


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