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Posted: February 2, 2021
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Posted: 2 Feb 2021 7:51 EST
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What is the best way to create an application for the Organization layer?


There is a recommendation to create an application rule for each layer, which I find perfectly reasonable.

However, The new application wizard does not create an Org-layer application.

The Org-layer rulesets are part of the implementation-layer application.

So, what is the easiest or best way to "extract" these rulesets as part of their own application?

Do I have to Save As the Application, configure it and create any necessary Access Groups?

Or is there a simpler (or better) way of doing it?

If not, then what are all the settings that I need to change for the Org-layer application?

I could think of the following:

1. Skin

2. Associated classes

For the Access Group:

1. set the Design-time config to the Org-layer ruleset

2. create and use a new work pool 

3. create and use a new Org:Administrator role Is there anything I miss, or any document that describes all the necessary stte

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