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what is mean 'rule schema' and 'data schema' specifically.

Hi folks!

now I'm create pega platform's cluster now to testing this product.

I found manual which introduce how to install pega with Oracle and apache Tomcat.

I almost finished installation but still I don't have convince about 'data schema' and 'rule schema'.

I searched definition of 'data schema' and 'rules schema' but I can't find that.

so, I'm fully imaging in my head about each schema's meaning, 


rules schema: store some of template or definition which can be used as BPM job

data schema:   store each BPM job's actual datas which are extracted by operator.


this image is correct? 

I configured Oracle DB server's schemas and table space but I can't architect due to confusion of each schema's role and actual image. 

thank you for reading and if you can advice for me it will be very meaningful to me.






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