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Posted: July 23, 2020
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Posted: 23 Jul 2020 9:48 EDT
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What is the role of DSS setting decision/adm/useModelExecutions and page pxModelExecutionResults?

As part of an upgrade effort from 7.3 to 8.3.3 of CDH infrastructure at my customer, we noticed that Pega 8.3 introduced a new page pxModelExecutionResults in the impression structure.

Also there is a new DSS setting introduced "decision/adm/useModelExecutions", whose value by default is true.

When we executed load tests we noticed that memory foot print increased in clipboard pages because of this new page. This is adding almost double the memory print. (255 KB vs 455 KB per container per request) resulting in circuit breaks.

When we tested by setting this DSS to “false” (basically 7.3 mode), we did not face any circuit breaks.

Questions :

  1. What is the purpose of the new page pxModelExecutionResults?
    • If it is for additional functionality, can we ignore it for now?
  2. Will there be any issues if we set this flag to “false”?
    • And do we have to change all DataJoins and GroupBy shapes to exclude this particular page?
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