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Posted: December 13, 2017
Last activity: December 14, 2017

What is the significance of pxIndexCount = 0

We are on Pega 7.1.8 and we are noticing that we have a number of records in our declare index table with pxIndexCount = 0. Normally, the indexing should start with 1. Was this some issue which was addressed? Is it safe to manually cleanup the table where pxIndexCount = 0? The data indicates that we have duplicate rows for the same inskey, only difference is the pxIndexCount value.

We have also applied the following hotfixes:

HFIX-28859Diagnostic: Declare index doesnot fire everytime as expected
HFIX-29212Declare index doesnot fire everytime as expected
HFIX-30442deferred save failing in RecalculateAndSave
HFIX-33049Reindex count and pzindexes are not getting updated

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