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What is the Syntax for Logger name

How to add logger for an activity?

In help of logger level setting it is mentioned as below

"Logger Name - Identify a Java class or other logger category to be logged. Use SmartPrompt to list all Java classes in com.pega.pegarules, or enter a category. Examples:

  • Rule-Obj-Activity to review or update the logging level for all activity executions
  • Rule-Obj-Activity.<activity name> to update the logging level for all activities with a given name in any Applies To class.
  • com.pega.pegarules.engine.context.Agent to update the level for all agent"

Where as the actual loggers are formed as "Rule_Obj_Activity.SendDeadlineMails.JLL_FW_SCFW_Work.Action"

The above one works for me.

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But if i add a logger name as mentioned in help.(Rule-Obj-Activity.<activity name> ). Logging is not happening.


Which one is correct? Kindly share your thoughts.

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