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Posted: November 5, 2020
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Posted: 5 Nov 2020 14:18 EST
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When clicked any link after timeout Only portal screen in the middle is getting logoff. Navigation panel and header still appears


We are using SSO based authentication. Requirement is to logoff if session is inactive for 10 mins.

I have configured Authentication timeout as 600s in Access group. I noticed through tracer after inactive 10 mins when user clicks on any link system call a timeOut Activity configured in Authentication service. I am calling OOTB Logoff from there. Its the same activity that gets called when user manually logout the session. 


But when its being called through timeout i noticed the screen "You are logged out." was appearing only at the center and while rest screen still shows Navigation panel and Header at the top.

However, when the same activity is being called when user logout manually the entire screen gets 'You are logged out." I wanted the same for timeout as well. I am not sure what am missing. Please help!


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