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Posted: September 12, 2018
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When condition is not working (on first click) at ACTION Condition for "Local Action"

I am Using Pega v7.3.1

I have implemented Local Action(Modal Dialog) with condition on 'Click' event of button.
But 'when' condition on action is not working on first click.
On second click, its working and Popup gets populated.

Requirement: On Click of button, Popup should be populated, depending on condition.

Approach: On Click event, we have 6 actions

Action 1: Calling Data Transform.

Action 2: Calling Activity and setting flag 'FlagForPopUp'.

Action 3: Calling Activity.

Action 4: Refresh Current harness.

Action 5: Calling Activity.

Action 6: Calling 'Local Action' based on condition i.e. value of

1)Flag 'FlagForPopUp' (set in Action 2)

2)Checkbox value on UI.

Let us know if have solution.

Thanks in Advance.........

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