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When I use an Activity that Queries an External Database using Obj-Browse, how do I extract row information that is returned into properties for later steps?

Hi all,

I have somewhat of a convoluted question for the community.

I created a REST service that calls a single Activity and returns an output.

I also created an External Database connection using the connector and metadata wizard.

What I am looking to do is, I am looking to pass in parameter data through REST to the activity, have the activity pass that information along to the Obj-Browse Method which will then query the database and return a single row of information back.

I want to take the information that is returned from the query and store does in separate variables and use them in later steps in the activity.

My current problem is that I have passed in parameter data to PEGA through REST. But I cannot take those variables and use them in the Obj-Browse method. (It is saying I need to expose the property, however clicking the optimize property for reporting option when you right click the property is not working). What do you guys think am I doing wrong?

Secondly, how do I take what the Obj-Browse Information returns and use it in the steps following it? How do I copy from the returned row to a property?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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