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Posted: June 8, 2016
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When PegaWAI is enabled, do grid headers not show the word "Required" when marked as such?

When PegaWAI is enabled, the "Required" indicator is inconsistent for text fields and grid headers. Is this expected?

When a text field (or something other than a grid header) is marked as required, the word "Required" is displayed for users with accessibility enabled, but when a grid header is marked as required, the normal asterisk displays. Is there a reason these are not the same? Our application requires all "Required" indicators to be the same across the application.

I have attached the html for the label and grid header below. As you can see, the closing span tag for a label is before the required indicator, while the closing span tag for a grid header is after the required indicator, and "::after" is not included. Not sure if this is the cause, though.

Using PRPC 7.1.9, PegaWAI 07-10-18.


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