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Alexander Lutai (alexander.lutay)
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JCS Lanit - BPM
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JCS Lanit - BPM
Posted: March 20, 2019
Last activity: April 9, 2019

When rule resolution no longer checks @baseclass

In Release Notes for Pega 8.1it is stated that "When rule resolution no longer checks @baseclass". It sounds really frightening. Does anybody knows what it actually means?

We have made a series of experiments and didn't find any unsuals behaviour of rule resolution for When rules applied to @baseclass. To be more specific we have tried the following:

  1. Calling OOB When rules (for example, Always, Never, has Messages, etc) from @baseclass on a page with an application-level class.
  2. Calling custom When rules from @baseclass on a page with an application-level class.
  3. Overriding and then withdrawning When rules from @baseclass in application-level class and using them in a context of an application-level page.
  4. Calling When rules from a @baseclass on classless pages.

In all cases When rules from @baseclass were successfully resolved and executed.

I have tried posting a SR, but got no result except for recommendation to ask this question here.

Will appreciate any insight about what this release note really means and what problems one will face regarding rule resolution of When rules after upgrading to Pega 8.1.

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