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When/How does a user take ownership of work from a workbasket?

Hello All,

We are currently using Pega v6.3 SP1 and are in the process of upgrading to PRPC v7.2. I am currently working on a requirement to understand Pega OOB functionality and best practices in regards to when/how users view and take ownership of work. Specifically, I want the following questions answered for PRPC v 7.2 - 

1. When/how does a work object move from a workbasket to a user's work list i.e. gets assigned to the user's worklist? (i.e. Does it happen automatically when they open a work object from a workbasket or the contact history or search by Interaction/Service Intent ID?)

2. If the transfer happens upon "update" of a work object, what constitutes an update? (i.e. It doesn't change upon updating notes, so when does it happen?)

3. What is best practice for allowing a user to move a work object to a resolved state? (i.e. How should the user know that clicking submit will resolve the work object rather than taking them to the next step in the process?)

Any related information/ help will be much appreciated!



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