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Posted: July 29, 2021
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Posted: 29 Jul 2021 3:22 EDT
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Where API Connector Errors are captured in Pega, OOTB way? What is the table that stores the data?

There is a requirement to get the historical data of All the External API's Pega connectors for the last quarter to check how many of them got Timeout or other errors.

We are not getting any place to see where Pega writes this information OOTB way, if errors are not handled in explicit custom way.

I checked the .pyErrorPage which generates in runtime and under the Primary page of Invoke activity, usually gets saved in Embed-Error, which mapped to table data.pr_other in PegaDATA, did not find anything over there.

Also checked Log-Connect-Error class which has an activity called 'Add', it seems this logs the records when errors in runtime, but did not get any reference from activities like - Invoke, pyInvokeRequestor etc. or from Pega-IntSvcs agents like ProcessConnectQueue etc.

So, requesting your ideas here if any.


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