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Where in App Studio is relationship set between roles and personas?


coming from using Low Code Factory approach and using App Studio 8.4.1, I am missing the App Studio link and management by an author of Roles and Personas.

There is no clear explanation where and how “Personas” and “Roles” are related and mapped.

In “Users” navigation item is a view in „People“ tab that shows and lists People by “Name” and “Role” and allows creation and invitation and other view in “Personas” tab that just shows mapping of Personas with Number of Users.

Can you explain more what Role (and with it Access Group) is mapped to a Persona and where that can be managed within App Studio alone?

Can you explain how a Persona is mapped to a User?

I can only find mapping of People to Roles (assuming Person=User=Operator).

Not even the “Access” tab resolves that missing link.

Also this article in “Application Development” book has a promising titlle, but does not resolve the question.



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