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where can I find all the ids(principal) that have access to SMA

I am trying to find the location where I can see list of Principal and Credentials created to access SMA. Below is the approach followed to enable authentication for SMA. Did not edit tomcat-users.xml to give authentication.

Configured SMA authentication as below:

1. Please select whether the SMA is connecting locally or to a remote PRPC server: Local JVM connection - SMA is installed on PRPC server

2. Please select mode of authentication: Always use the following credentials

Submit changes. (Once submitted, can see the nodes.xml updated with encrypted principal and credentials)

3. Change "Please select mode of authentication" to Always prompt for Credentials.

Submit changes. (Nodes.xml updated again but principal and credentials not mentioned. However, the principal and credentials used in Step 2 works with SMA authentication)

Question is, where can I find these principal and credentials? I could not find them in any of Tomcat files.

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