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Where to override Skin rule for organisation layer


We have organisation layer (MyCo) and implementation layer (MyApp). I am trying to override skin rule to change background colour of portal header from Pega's blue to MyCo's corporate colour. I located where to change in skin rule, but I am now wondering where to save. If I just modify AppSkin rule in MyApp layer, when second application (MyApp2) comes in later this change will not be inherited. So I believe I need to save it in the organisation layer (MyCo). In my high level understandings, skin can inherit other skin. I found other three skins (or two??) specified in the out-of-the-box AppSkin as below screen shot. "pyEndUser_ExpressDefault" and "pyEndUser". Both of them seem to be in UI-Kit-7, which is a part of a product. What is the best practice to save my organisation specific but generic skin into? Save as pyEndUser or pyEndUser_ExpressDefault into MyCo ruleset? Or is it better to create a brand new skin (say, MyCoSkin) and specify it somewhere in AppSkin? If so, where? Please let me know.


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