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Cloe Walker (CloeW938)
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IT Solution Service
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IT Solution Service
Posted: July 28, 2020
Last activity: July 30, 2020

Which nodes to run BackgroundProcessing on


Let's assume we have 3 BakcgroundProcessing nodes (#1 - #3). And I have a Job Scheduler that fires an activity to generate and send out a thank you e-mail to customers. This Job Scheduler is scheduled to run at night every day.


There are two options in "Runs on" dropdown.

1. All associated nodes

2. Any one associated nodes


I want to clarify each meaning.

Question #1. Option 1 means this Job Scheduler is executed on all three BackgroundProcessing nodes, right? In that case, thank you e-mail is sent out to customer three times a day (which must be annoying) because activity is fired three times?

Question #2. Option 2 means this Job Scheduler is executed on random single node, right? Thank you e-mail is sent out to customer once a day. The node may be #2 today but #3 tomorrow. We don't know.

Question #3. Is it possible to specify particular node (say, #2) only for this Job Scheduler. All other Job Scheduler runs on all nodes (#1-#3). How do we accomplish that?


Pega Platform 8.4