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Why do we need to re-validate a rule ?

I got to know, re-validate deals with some rule cache(If I am not wrong).

Could you please say, why we need to revalidate a rule and can you provide me any two circumstances, where revalidating the rule resolves an issue.

Example Scenario: In a data transform, tried to insert a value(stored in a text property TempText, that holds the value more than the permissible range of an integer) in to an int type Property TempNum. As we are trying to insert the value i.e., out of range for an integer, TempNum value is limited to max. value of integer.

Deleted the TempNum property rule and created double type Property with the name TempNum. Even after this, TempNum value is getting limited to max. value of integer.

Clicked on Private edit in that data transform and just saved it(without making any changes). Now, the value present in TempText is getting inserted in to TempNum. If I discard the private edit, again TempNum is getting limited to max. value of integer. Whether revalidating that data transform resolves the issue.

Could you please provide an overview, what is revalidation and why we need to do.

Searched many posts and didn't get the answer. Therefore, posting here.

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