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Posted: May 18, 2016
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Why does screen become disabled after validation is displayed in data portal with WAI ruleset enabled?

In one of our application portals, we have functionality to look up client requests. There is one required field in the lookup section that must display en error message to the user when not filled. To show this message, there is a property-set-message on click of the search button, since the required validation is not enforced on the portal when the button is clicked (It is enforced when you click in the field and click back out). When the WAI ruleset is NOT enabled, there is no issue when displaying the error, and user is able to freely click around the screen, say to log off. When the WAI ruleset IS enabled, the entire screen becomes disabled on display of the error message, and the user is forced to close the browser window since no other actions can be made on the screen. As an alternative, when a page-set-message is used instead, the screen does not become disabled. Can anyone tell me why this is happening with a property-set-message, and does anyone know how I can correct this behavior?

With PegaWAI 07-10-18 enabled, using PRPC 7.1.9.

No WAI ruleset enabled. User can still log off.


WAI ruleset enabled. Clicking log off does not show menu. Button clicks do not fire.



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