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Posted: October 26, 2017
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why the error message is not displayed when entry the screen

a screen is opened through FlowAction,a Activity is called in Pre-processing,and in Activity ,the Page-Set-Messages method is used to display the error Message when the condition is satisfied .but in the actual operation,entry the screen error Message does not display. When click the screen on the Action button droup- down list of Refresh ,the error message is display.

Then in the activity ,the next step of Page-Set-Messages i used the following methods,but none of them solved my problem,and i want to know what the reason was

Method 1: Call @baseclass.ReloadHarness

Parameters passed:

Method 2: Call @baseclass.ReloadSection

Parameters passed:
StreamName: "SectionName"
StreamClass: "Rule-HTML-Section"

issue :

pyWorkPage in clipboard the error message is displayed.but in the screen the error message is not displayed.

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