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Why Parent and Child classes are not in separate table even after configuring "is a class group"

I have 2 classes with a struicture Org-App-Work-Parent and Org-App-Work-Child in a class structure (both Top level classes)

Parent has in class defnition -->"belongs to a classgroup" -->Org-App-Work

Child has in class defnition -->"is a classgroup" -->Org-App-Work-Child

I wanted to have Parent and child in different DB tables through separate classgroup definiton (as above)

Now what I observe is that that they are stored in the same "work" table although the class groups are different as per definition above.

Do I need to manually create and map the tables in Data-Admin-DB-Table setting or am I missing something here ?

I am using pega 7.1.9

Note that Child is a subcase of Parent.

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