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Posted: June 20, 2018
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Why is Pega 7.4 data type creating external class/ table in CustomerData schema?

  • Add a new/ existing data type using designer studio/ express data explorer
  • Configure data type source by selecting key
  • Save the data type
  • now open the class created and do test connectivity
  • it will show as obj-external class
  • the table created as part of data type is not having pxObjClass/ pzInskey- This is obvious because it's external
  • I have tried to give PegaData as DB while configuring source for Data type but it's showing error " Please select valid DB"
  • I have tested this with brand new 7.4 instances and upgraded 7.4 instances. The result is same for both.

Is there any design change happened as part 7.4?

Is there any config missing ?

Data Integration
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