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Why prpc needs HornetQ enabled on jboss deployment?

We have our application deployed as ear on jboss eap 6.3. We realized that deploying prpc ear on jboss requires HornetQ to be enabled, but client has reservations enabling HornetQ. We reached out to Pega support to understand why and how prpc needs HornetQ.

We raised below questions to support group, but they directed us to post it here.

  • How is HornetQ leveraged by Pega application (.ear deployment) ? What “Core functionality such as the running of Agents” require HornetQ to operate? Specific example of how agents leverage hornet Q and type of agents that rely on HornetQ
  • Are those agents putting messages in HornetQ, does Pega maintains those and how?  Does Pega monitors/alerts on those queues?
  • How the hornetQ messaging work  in clustered Pega environment? Does each node has its own isolated hornetq queues or those are shared/synchronized

  Is there an impact to the performance of the runtime? Will and how much of resources hornetQ consumes in jvm?

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