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Will BIX work for connect SFTP with older cyphers?


We want to setup BIX to transfer the exports directly from PegaCloud onto an SFTP provided by client IT. The target SFTP will support only following cyphers: 

  • DiffieHellman Group Exchange SHA-256
  • Elliptic Curve DiffieHellmen Curve25519 SHA-256

Will it be possible to setup SFTP connection from Pegacloud towards client SFTP? 

Reason for the question: The other way around, transferring files from Client to Pegacloud-hosted-SFTP, it was not possile using these cyphers(Reference SR-D37653) . But since in the scenario of BIX, the connect FTP rule will be run as part of of the JVM, we hope it is a different scenario. 

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